We have a network of certified aircraft shops for all your component requirements. All work in accordance with current manufacturer's maintenance manual, technical data and instructions. Repair limitations as contained in the referenced Civil or Military Standard.

Argon welding
Argon welding

  • Plasma Spray, in accordance with AMS-2437.
  • Sermetal.
  • Thermo Spray, in accordance with MIL-STD-869.
  • Metal Spraying/Thermal Spray Wire Spray, in accordance with MIL-STD-869.

  • Coating Chemical Film Treatment for Aluminum in accordance with AMS 2473. 
  • Coating Magnesium Alloy Process DOW 19 in accordance with AMS-M-3171. 
  • Coating, Black Oxide in accordance with AMS 2485. 
  • Bonding and Composite Repair and servicing bonding & composite of aircraft interior as stated in the current approved shop capability list. 
  • Acetylene Welding; Argon Arc Welding; Tungsten Inert Gas Welding in accordance with American Welding Standards (AWS) and specifications as revised. 
  • Argon welding i.a.w ASME-IX / AWS-113.
  • Electric Arc Argon/TIG All work will be performed in accordance with ASME-IX General and AWS-113 General.
  • Fusion Welding;
  • Gas Shielded-Arc Welding
  • Welding GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Specification for Welding) Procedure and Performance Qualification in accordance with AWS B2.1:2000
  • Welding Oxy Acetylene
  • Welding Tungsten Inert Gas, in accordance with AWS D17.1:2001. 
Painting & Interior:

Aircraft Painting
Aircraft Painting
  • Corrosion Protection and Painting Butoxy
  • Marking, stickering, and printing of aircraft cockpit and instrument panel. 
  • Refurbishment, re-laminating, repainting, remarking, sewing, servicing and repairing of aircraft interior and seats.
  • Tailoring of Aircraft Seat Cover, Headrest Cover, Cabin Carpet, Dado Panel, Curtains, Blanket and Pillow Ceses. 
  • Plating Phosphate in accordance with AMS 2481.
  • Plating Browneer in accordance with AMS 2481.
  • Plating Cadmium, in accordance with AMS 2401.
  • Plating Copper, in accordance with AMS 2418.
  • Plating Electroless Nickel, in accordance with AMS 2404. 
  • Plating Hard Chrome, in accordance with AMS 2406.
  • Plating Nickel Cadmium, in accordance with AMS 2416. 
  • Plating Nickel, in accordance with AMS 2424.
  • Plating Silver, in accordance with AMS 2410.
  • Plating Tin, in accordance with AMS 2408.
  • Plating Nickel in accordance with AMS 2424. 
  • Selective Plating-Sifco.
Heat Treatment:
  • Heat Treatment in accordance with AMS-H-6875.
Life Saving Equipment:
  • Float Bag Textron for Bell 212 and Bell 412. Inspection, testing, repair and re-packing 
  • Escape Slide Switlik F-28. Inspection, testing, repair and re-packing of Escape Slide as listed in approved
  • Servicing and hydrostatic test of oxygen and fire extinguisher bottle as stated in the current approved shop capability list Manual.
  • Life Raft Sargent Ind-7Man. Inspection, testing, repair and re-packing of Life Raft as listed in approved capability list.
  • Life Saving Equipment: EAM T-46; EAM T-12; EAM-2; EAM-2A; EAM-2B; EAM-4; EAM-5; EAM-JP-6; EAM-8 and EAM-12.
  • Life Vest Hoover Industries FV-35C; ISC-20 and F1-20. Inspection, testing, repair and re-packing.
    • Sheet Metal Repair.
    • Shot Peening in accordance with AMS 2430, AMS-S-13165.
    • Swing Compass.
    • Weight and Balance.
    • Boroscope Inspection for Engine PT6A Series only
    • Boroscope Inspection Compressor Washing Model AES-ECW-350-20 For Engine B737-300/400/500 
    • Charging and repairing aircraft battery: all type nickel cadmium battery (SAFT, MARATHON, and GENERAL ELECTRIC) in accordance with Operating and Maintenance Manual.

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