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The CASA/ CN-235 has efficient balance of flying agility and the option of bringing cargo its cabin. One major feature of the plane is its ability to still fly from or to short landing strips. Specifically made to allow for adjustable interior layouts, it is quite spacious for a regional and mid-range oriented plane.

CN235 transformed into HC-144A for U.S. Coast Guard CASA C212 Parts
CN235 transformed into HC-144A for U.S. Coast GuardCASA C212 Aviocar

 ILF  Aeroparts offers a wide range of Components and Spare-Parts support for the CASA 212 and CN-235. In alliance with a wide range of fully equipped component test, repair and overhaul facilities, we offer integral repair services and spare parts support.

Additional Models We Support:

CN-235-10, CN-235-100/110, CN-235-200/220, CN-235-300, CN-235-330 Phoenix, CN-235 MPA, HC-144 Ocean Sentry, AC-235

C-212A, C-212AV, C-212B, C-212C, C-212D, NC-212-100, CASA C-212-200, C-212 series 200M, NC-212-200, NC-212-200 MPA, C-212-M series 300, C-212 series 300 airliner, C-212 series 300 utility, C-212 series 300P, Series 400

CN 235 Cockpit
CN 235 Cockpit

CN 235/ C212 Parts Available

Our team can assist with the parts and services you need for the CN 235/ C212 whether your requirements are routine stock supply, low-stock or critical, or your aircraft is AOG status.

CN 235/ C212 parts we can supply include:
  • Airframe components
  • Accessories
  • Avionics
  • Consumables
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Engine components
  • Expendables
  • Many more…

New Parts

Check out our New Parts List here, and contact us for RFQ/ Purchase.

Owner produced parts

The FAA permits the aircraft owner or operator to produce replacement parts from scratch (using the original as a template and using the same dimensions and materials), and document it in the logbooks as an "owner-produced part" in accordance with FAR §21.9(a)(5). So long as the parts they produce are for installation on their own aircraft and not for sale or for installation on an aircraft they do not own. More info HERE

Repair/ Overhaul Parts
Some high value aircraft parts can be repaired using various re-manufacturing processes such as machining, welding, plating, etc. The techniques described in Advisory Circular 43.13-1B are generally used as guidance for repair processes that are not specifically described by the manufacturer. More info HERE

 ILF  Aeroparts is well resourced and organized in managing repair/ overhaul of components of CN 235 and its engines from OEM authorized maintenance repair and overhaul facilities. We guarantee highest standard of quality repairs that are cost effective, complies with aviation safety standards.

Give us a call today to learn more about our parts sales, repair and services.

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CN 235 Parts

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